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36X48 inches Canvas

Actual balls of socks, undergarment set (unworn)



At 33, Asha Santee discovers that she experienced a gender identity crisis when she was a kid. The entangled concepts of sex, sexuality, and gender did not exist in 1993 when she was hiding in her room with socks stuffed in her underwear. It is assumed that even if those concepts did exist then, they would be just as confusing as society continues to wrap a brain around the growing acronym LGBTQIA+. And Boi Was She is mixed-media work that draws from Santee’s most vulnerable feelings from questioning her gender.  A multi-colored, sock filled “Balls of Socks” honors the “inner boy” she had to silence while growing up, while “Ode to Jojo”, her first portrait piece, confesses the love rooted envy towards her younger brother. And Boi Was She was publicly revealed and read to her family at her series of events entitled, “Under The Rug”, where artists share their most private works through their selected mediums. 

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