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Asha santee

written, produced, engineered

Asha “BOOMCLAK” Santee is a percussion kahuna with a propensity for infectious beats and the inevitable body roll. BOOMCLAK’s signature sticks and keys are an asset to several bands across the DMV such as The Peace & Body Roll Duo BOOMscat, The CooLots, Band of Roses, The Huda Asfour Trio and Grammy Award Winning, Mya. Asha currently has three solo projects on all streaming platforms including her latest release, GINKGO. 

Asha Santee on live drums

Asha Santee on vocals and production

be steadwell

Asha Santee on live drums

Huda Asfour

Asha Santee on live drums

Asha Santee on drum production

Asha Santee on background vocals and claps

God gave me small hands, so I can paint small things.