A message from the founder...

     The BootyHearts Gallery believes that one’s home - be it a room you share, room you rent, apartment you lease, or house you own - should be the one thing allowed to hug us especially during these times. However you define your home, you deserve for that space to be stimulating and supportive through color. Having experienced home insecurity, I’m acutely aware of the need for such a space. A few years ago, I wasn’t sure where I was going to lay my head each night. My instruments were in one friend’s home, my art work in another, and my body hopped from couch to couch.  
     In an effort to ensure people are inspired and comforted in their homes, the BH Gallery is giving free art and incense to selected applicants while supplies last. The application is simple and only requires a bit of courage. Much Love!

-Asha Santee

How to apply

As we expand our resources to be able to offer this opportunity nationwide, we are currently open to DC/MD/VA residents during the quarantine. If you're located outside of the area, please send an email to




1. Send a picture or short video of your blank wall to and share with us a bit about the space you call home and what dreams/visions are conjured when you're inspired. 

2. Share the opportunity with a friend (we trust you)!